Blog! After 4 years, it's finally here!

Why has the blog taken so long to come to BaseKit. I'll explain...

We've had people screaming out for a BaseKit blog feature for years but there was a strong decision made to not release the blog feature for the V6 (our previous editor). The product team here are always concerned about releasing the best possible product. We released that for blog to work effectively, we needed to have a data driven engine... classic CMS.

Our V6 editor fundamentality was built with design in mind; you could drop widgets anywhere on the page. The problem with a design-centric methodology was that it makes it very hard to define what a piece of content is; where is user's logo on the page if they can drop it anywhere. Semantics was an after thought with V6.

When we started building our V7 editor, we had this in mind. We built the framework from the ground up with semantics and data in mind. Profile data is centralised so data such as a companies logo or address can be changed in one place and updated across the whole site.

We wanted to wait for this data-centric framework to solidify before we moved forward to super data-centric features such as Blog, Ecommerce and Menu.

I've been using this in depth for months and i'm extraordinarily excited about this feature. It's important to me (and us at BaseKit) that we give you, the blogger, a simple content editing experience so you can build awesome blogs. And there is more to come too!

So here it is! Four years in the making! I hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

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