Making text stand out from an underlying image is complex to solve. I've made a new cool tool that can help automate a solution! Let me introduce you to... (drum roll)... Imagenie!

There has been a lot of hype about websites that build themselves recently and about how A.I. can will be able to do the job for you. Personally, I disagree. 

I think neat tools labelled as intelligence is really just `design automated` or `content curation`. These layouts will look old pretty quickly if there isn't a real living breathing (non-coded) designer behind extending the designs.

Being around the CMS industry for some time now, I feel the best way is to build tools that take a `best guess` at a solution. This defends against the issues leading to Designing for the Unknown

One of the problems I mention is about dealing with text over images. It's inherently hard without analysis on the image first. There is no point putting white text on a white image! And it shouldn't need the user to fiddle with the controls to get it right. My theory is, this part can be easily automated.

So that's why I created Imagenie. Imagenie is a Python script that will process an image's sentiment and delivers you back a whole load of data about that image. Using this analysis, you can build css to get the effect you need to deal with certain alignment, colour  and contextual situations.

For example,

Imagenie delivers you this info. Check out the examples on the site.

Forget A.I., the user / designer input is an important part of creating an organic, durable design to sit around your content. Think, instead, more about tools that can help bring us closer to a good result without much effort.

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